This website serves as documentation for writing custom reports against the Jama Connect system. Custom reports will be rendered against the Jama Connect system using the Apache Velocity library (version 2.1), and be downloadable in HTML, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word file formats.

Getting Started

We recommend that you gather a basic understanding of the syntax of the Apache Velocity library by visiting the Velocity User Guide. Data from your Jama Connect system can be retrieved through one of the many data source objects automatically made available to you in the global context. (See com.jamasoftware.velocity.api.sources).

We also provide some generic Velocity tools in the global context as well:

And custom utility libraries:

Other Things To Note

We populate the context with the following miscellaneous information:

  • format: The format of the report (xml, html, etc.)
  • project: The project this report was executed against (See Project)
  • baseUrl: The base URL of your Jama Connect instance
  • report_name: The name of the report
  • documentList: If the report is a "Context Sensitive" report, this will be the list of documents that the user selected prior to executing the report (See: VelocityReportDocumentDTO)
Package Description
This package contains the interfaces necessary to extract data out of Jama Connect for the purpose of reporting.